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Make the Most of your Pledge

Time, Talent, and Treasure. God asks us to give generously of all three. But did you know our choices sometimes cost the church money? In fact, Nativity currently pays $1000 a year in bank fees just to support our pledges!

Fortunately, there are easy ways to minimize the cost. This year, when you fill out your pledge card, please consider maximizing your pledge dollars by choosing a payment method without fees.

Nativity offers four ways to pledge:

  1. Greatest benefit – Automatic bill pay simplifies your financial life and costs nothing. Choose the amount, frequency, and start date. Then set it and forget it. Nativity gets 100% of your donation. Automated payments ensure a steady flow of income to Nativity each month.

  2. Old school – Leary of automated payments? Write a check! Nativity gets 100% of your donation. The downside is it’s easy to fall behind on your pledge when you forget to write a check or when you miss church.

  3. Super easy – EFT is an electronic fund transfer from your bank account directly to Nativity. As above, you set it and forget it. The church pays a nominal fee (<1%) each month and can count on regularly scheduled income. The amount and frequency are set by you.

  4. Spur-of-the-moment convenience – PayPal. It’s quick and easy and we’re grateful for however you choose to donate. Just visit Nativity's website, click “Give > Online," and choose to pay via PayPal or credit card. Note, however, the convenience comes with a hefty price tag. PayPal keeps 3 to 4% of every dollar you give online!

    For questions about any of these payment methods contact Cathy Terwedow: or


One-time Setup
99% to Nativity
Steady source of income to Nativity

Church pays a small fee
(<1% of every dontation)


100% to Nativity
Good if your are concerned about
online/ electronic payments

Easy to forget or miss a week
Easy to fall behind on your pledge



PayPal keeps 3-4% of every donation



Automatic Bill Pay

Online Setup
100% to Nativity
Steady Source of income to Nativity


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