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To Nativity Community

In the early morning of April 9th, local firefighters responded to an electrical fire in the nave of our beloved church. We are deeply grateful for the swift action from Firefighters Local 3057 that contained and extinguished the blaze. The extent of damage to the nave and preschool area is being assessed today. We know little about cause at this point, but we have notified the Bishop, Canon Simpson and our representatives at Church Insurance.  We will know more about what is possible in the space and update you all again midweek. For now, we pray in gratitude that there was no injury or loss of life. The church is the people not the building, but our buildings are dear to us. Trust that we will do all we can to address our new reality and make speedy repairs. While this is news is heartbreaking, and our soul is disquieted. We must remember our Hope in God.

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One Big Family

Imagine a church that is innovative, impactful and inspiring. A church
that is passionate about building strong families and strong faith. A church that believes in serving the needs of the community both
socially and spiritually.

That is what we here at the Nativity Church strive to be. We are a vibrant, multigenerational and creative gathering of people, hailing from different social, racial, economic, political and faith backgrounds, that worship, serve, eat, and laugh together in a friendly atmosphere. Will you find perfect people at Nativity?

No, but what you will find is inspiring, life impacting preaching, heartwarming worship, and a welcoming community that has a heart
for the world. 

Who is welcome at Nativity? Everyone! If you are new to the “Church thing”, we know that entering a church for the first time, or the first time for a long time, can be scary and intimidating. We will do everything to make your family feel comfortable. You can take your time to explore the claims of Christianity at your own pace.

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