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Church Ministry

Church Strip Anchor
Every member of our church plays a vital role in the well-being of the community. Find a ministry to serve in below and get in touch with the point of contact through Breeze or Please note that certain ministries have been paused during this time.
Hospitality, Ushering & Greeting Team
Greeters and Ushers serve the Nativity community by being an inviting presence as people come to worship. Both Greeters and Ushers are available and look out for the needs of the congregation before, during, and after the service. 
Children's Ministry
Each week, children’s ministry volunteers serve in a variety of ways to provide a safe and welcoming space for the smallest members of our congregation. We are actively recruiting volunteers as we prepare for a re-launch of children’s programming in the Fall.
Production Team
Our sound team is in charge of setting up and running all the sound equipment for each week’s service. Volunteers on this team not
only ensure that the audio sounds great and slides are available for
everyone to follow along, they also run our livestream for those worshipping with us from home.
Readers & Prayers of the People
Readers support the ministry of Advent through the reading of the scripture lessons. The Word is meant to be read aloud and heard by
the congregation as it was originally experienced in the early church.
The Prayers of the People is designed to be a time of corporate prayer where the leader represents the church body in prayer.
Musicians play a key role in accompanying our weekly worship.
Our volunteer musicians work with our Pastor of Worship Arts and Spiritual Formation to foster an environment of joyful and reverent congregational singing.
Counting Team
The Counting Team counts the attendance and the offering each service. This ministry requires a high level of trust and responsibility as well as pastoral approval.
Alter Guild
The Altar Guild is responsible for preparing the Lord’s table for celebration of Holy Communion.
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